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Leave the ship(The Immortal Coil) and head northwest. Loot the armor objects off the sea floor or kill the Gilblin(evil Goblins) Scavengers. Look for a broken crate at (39:27). Inside it you will find the «Alliance S.E.A.L. Equipment». Looks like a deep sea divers helmet. It starts the quest Helm’s Deep, which continues the quest chain.LanceBeta tester for;Wrath of the Litch KingCataclysm

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The Distant Island Quest Tree From Whiterock>1)A Personal Summons{H} | \1)Eye of the Storm(A) 1)The Eye of the Storm(H) ├─────────────────────┘ |G)To the Depths{H} S)Hero’s Call: Vashj’ir!(A) S)Warchief’s Command: Vashj’ir!(H) | ┌───────────────┴───────────────────────────┘ |OR|1)Call of Duty{H}──>2)Once More, With Eeling2)Sea Legs{H}2)Pay It Forward{H}2)Rest For the Weary{H} | \2)Buy Us Some Time{H} 2)Traveling on Our Stomachs{H} ├─────────────────────┼──┬────────────┐2)Girding Our Loins(H) | 2)To Arms!(A) | ├>G)Pay Attention!(H) | | | | |OR| | 2)Stormwind Elite Aquatic and Land Forces(A) | 2)Helm’s Deep(H) └───┤ | 2)Finders, Keepers(H) | | / |2)Bring It On!(H) 2)On Our Own Terms(A)2)Blood and Thunder!(H) 2)All or Nothing(A) ├──┬────────────────────┘ | 3)Better Late Than Dead 3)Kliklak’s Craw | 3)The Abyssal Ride | G)Good Deed Left Undone 3)The Horde’s Hoard |OR|3)Gimme Shelter!────────>3)A Case of Crabs3)Ain’t Too Proud to Beg ├>3)A Girl’s Best Friend ├>3)A Taste For Tail ├>3)An Opened Can of Whoop Gnash |3)Can’t Start a Fire Without a Spark──>3)Nerve Tonic ├>4)Oh, the Insanity! | 5)Dah, Nunt… Dah, Nunt… 4)Blackfin’s Booty | 5)Shark Weak | 5)DUN-dun-DUN-dun-DUN-dun | 4)A Bone to Pick | 5)Decisions, Decisions | 3)Ophidophobia──>4)Lady La-La’s Medallion3)A Desperate Plea3)Undersea Sanctuary6)Spelunking{H}6)Debriefing{H}6)Wake of Destruction─────┬>6)Decompression{H}6)Come Hell of High Water ├>6)What? What? In My Gut…?{H}6)The Warden’s Time └>6)How Disarming7)Across the Great Divide7)The Looming Threat7)Backed Into a Corner7)Rundown ┌>9)Slippery Threat8)Silver Tide Hollow─┼>9)Don’t be Shellfish9)The Great Sambino └>8)A Distracting Scent9)Undersea Inflation9)Totem Modification 9)Crabby Patrons8)Back In One PieceG)Toshe’s Vengeance──>Жажда мести*Quest zones:1)Orgrimmar+Stormwind_____2)Legion’s Fate+Seafarer’s Tomb_____3)Shallow’s End+Smuggler’s Hole_____4)Gurboggle’s Ledge_____5)Skeletal Reef_____6)Deepmist Grotto+The Clutch_____7)Damplight Chamber+Shimmering Grotto_____8)Silver Tide Hollow_____9)Silver Tide TrenchG)Gluing Separate Questlines_____S)Skippable* is another Quest Tree.IMPORTANT INFO:

  1. In order to getБудь внимательнее! you must completeВо всеоружии before acceptingТайна шлема.
  2. Лучше поздно, чем ногами вперед andГлубоководный скакун are NOT needed to takeНайдите мне убежище! and followups, however that would make you unable to getДобрые дела не бросают.
  3. Ожерелье леди Ла-Ла have 0% drop chance beforeОфидиофобия done and 100% after, however anyone can share you this quest as long as you are 80+lvl.
  4. Anyone can takeЖажда мести and do it’s followups as long as they are 80+lvl. Quests above are NOT needed for it.


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