Экзамен по английскому языку в 4 классе 

МАОУ «Гимназия №1»

Часть 1 – Аудирование

Послушай Джорджа, расспрашивающего Брэда о его путешествии. Посмотри на картинки 1 и 2 и выбери, куда собирается Брэд. Picture 1, Picture 2.

Часть 2 – Чтение

Прочитай текст и ответь кратко на вопросы:

Yesterday, Ben and his best friend Kevin went to a concert and saw their favourite rock star, Tony Star. The concert finished at 11 o’clock. The boys were hungry so they ate hot dog and drank cola. Then, they got T-shorts with pictures of Tony Star. They had a great evening.


  1. Who’s Ben’s best friend?
  2. Who did the boys see at the concert?
  3. What time did the concert finish?
  4. What did they drink and eat?
  5. What did they get after concert?


Часть 3 – Грамматика

Прочитай и выбери правильный ответ:

  1. We didn’t ____________ a film last night.

                    А  watched      B  watch

  1. Gary is the_____________ singer.

                   А  better         B  best

  1. Cindy____________ the race and she was very happy.

                  А  win             B won

  1. You ___________ wear a uniform.

                  А  have  to      B  has to

  1. How __________ butter do you need?

                 А  many          B much


Часть 4 – Лексика

Прочитай и выбери правильный ответ:

  1. A: Where do you work?

          B:      a) I’m a postman.           b) At the post office.

  1. A: Can I have a can of peas?

         B:       a) Here you are.              b) That’s fine.

  1. A: How do you go to school?

          B:       a) Every morning.            b) By bus.

  1. A: Where is Alice going?

          B:       a) To the supermarket.     b) She’s my sister.

  1. A: What does he look like?

         B:        a) He’s tall and fat.           b) He’s nice.


Часть 5 – Ответь на вопросы о себе:

  1. What is your name?
  2. Where are you from?
  3. What is your favourite day of the week? Why?
  4. What is you hobby?
  5. What are summer sports?


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